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OUR BUSINESS | DIGITALBRIDGE | PORTFOLIO | CITIZENSHIP | APPENDIX | DIGITALBRIDGE.COM 36 Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Index We seek to provide the consistent, comparable, decision-useful information that investors value. SASB Real Estate Accounting Metrics All data as of Dec. 31, 2020 unless otherwise noted Category/ Unit of Real Estate Accounting Metric Measurement DigitalBridge Response ENERGY MANAGEMENT IF-RE-130a.1 Quantitative/ As a global investment company with investments in infrastructure Energy consumption data coverage Percentage operating companies, we do not currently aggregate energy as a percentage of total floor area, (%) by floor consumption at the full portfolio level. However, as part of our by property subsector area Net Zero 2030 commitment, DigitalBridge has required our portfolio companies to calculate and report their greenhouse gas emissions footprint in 2021. IF-RE-130a.2 Quantitative/ See above. (1) Total energy consumed by port- Gigajoules Some of these metrics are tracked by some portfolio companies folio area with data coverage, (2) (GJ) Percent- with higher energy consumption. See Our Portfolio/Environmental on percentage grid electricity, and (3) age (%) pages 22 and 23 for examples. percentage renewable, by property subsector IF-RE-130a.3 Quantitative/ See above. Like-for-like percentage change in Percentage We expect our portfolio companies to begin reporting energy energy consumption for the portfolio (%) consumption data at the board level in 2022. area with data coverage, by proper- ty subsector IF-RE-130a.4 Quantitative/ Energy ratings and Energy Star are not applicable for many of our Percentage of eligible portfolio that Percentage portfolio companies’ operations. Our data center investments mea- (1) has an energy rating and (2) is (%) by floor sure their power usage effectiveness (PUE) and already report that certified to ENERGY STAR, by prop- area data to their boards of directors, and other companies will begin erty subsector reporting energy consumption to their boards in 2022. See Vertical Bridge Case Study on page 23 for an example. IF-RE-130a.5 Discussion DigitalBridge is an investment platform focused on the full spectrum Description of how building energy and of digital infrastructure, including towers, data centers, fiber and small management considerations are Analysis cells. Building energy management considerations are not applica- integrated into property investment ble to the majority of these assets. See Net Zero 2030 on pages 12 analysis and operational strategy and 13 for more about DigitalBridge’s energy management goals and actions.

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