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OUR BUSINESS | DIGITALBRIDGE | PORTFOLIO | CITIZENSHIP | APPENDIX | DIGITALBRIDGE.COM 77 Corporate Governance We have quickly and decisively implemented profound corporate governance changes. Transformed for Transparency DigitalBridge Board of Directors Today, the corporate governance framework of DigitalBridge embodies our commitment to conduct our business transparently, with integrity, and in line with evolving investor expectations. Throughout 2020 and into early 2021, our CEO and company took decisive action to fundamentally restructure our Board of Directors. We also instituted several corpo- 30% rate governance changes, including those designed of directors to support our digital transformation and better align are women executive compensation with shareholder interests. 50% Smaller, More Diverse Board of directors have In 2020, we set a goal to significantly change the digital expertise composition of our Board of Directors on several levels. By May 2021, we had achieved our objective. Today, our board includes a mix of directors with complementary industry experience. For the first time, our chairperson and two other directors are women and two directors are people of color. Also, 20% we fulfilled our commitment to reduce the board size from 12 to 10 directors, including eight indepen- of directors are dent directors. We believe that this smaller, more people of color 80% diverse and digitally focused board will improve the independent quality and relevance of decision-making across the directors company’s business activities. The experience and attributes of our new board members are essential to improving outcomes for our private investors and public shareholders and meeting the board’s over- sight responsibility. 3.9 years Expanded ESG Oversight Our Board of Directors provides ultimate oversight of average tenure our sustainability program and performance as well as our overall ESG performance, including actions to address climate risk. As we expand, this oversight is critical to ensuring that our implementation progress- es as planned and our strategy evolves appropriately. Implementation of our ESG strategy and initiatives is led by our ESG Committee, which is described on page 9. Learn more in our 2021 Proxy Statement.

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