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OUR BUSINESS | DIGITALBRIDGE | PORTFOLIO | CITIZENSHIP | APPENDIX | DIGITALBRIDGE.COM 6 Our Business Model Our converged network powers the digital economy while creating positive social and environmental impacts. 1 DigitalBridge’s distinctive operating model focuses has grown by 550% during that time. Through on investing in a growing network of companies better energy management, more efficient hard- that form the backbone of wireless and internet ware and increased use of renewable energy, our infrastructure. energy-efficient hyperscale data centers are Our global portfolio delivers converged connectivity providing increased capacity while also reducing solutions to many of the world’s leading mobile net- their environmental impact. work operators and hyperscale computing companies. Social Impact We believe we have uniquely positioned DigitalBridge We provide capital to create critical connectivity at a at the cross-section of the high-growth technology time when people are more dependent on digital and sector and the traditional real estate and infrastructure mobile communications than ever before. Our expand- investment landscape. ing cell tower networks can help close the digital In addition to powering the digital economy and cre- divide by bringing internet connectivity that promotes ating value for our investors, our portfolio companies economic growth, inclusiveness and innovation. create important environmental and social impacts. Enhanced connectivity through our extensive fiber Environmental Impact optic networks helps all communities flourish. To address the impacts of climate change, we are Broadband fiber is an important generator of eco- working to reduce our carbon emissions and are nomic development as well as a critical component engaging with our portfolio companies, particularly for government services. Research indicates that our data center investments, to achieve net zero broadband access and adoption leads to economic carbon emissions by 2030. Research shows that growth, higher incomes and lower unemployment as data center energy use worldwide has increased by well as positive social outcomes including improved only 6% since 2010, while data center computing health, access to education and social cohesion.2 3 Our business model capitalizes on four powerful trends. IoT 5G Mobile Internet of Things Cloud Edge Networks (IoT) Infrastructure Computing $1 trillion in new Device-to-device Capital expenditures 1.6 million servers; capital expenditures connections to in- will reach $88 billion 10% of all cloud work- projected to deploy crease to 80 billion by in 2020 loads will be placed at next-gen networks 2025 and 500 billion or near data sources in 2030 by 2028 1 Recalibrating global data center energy-use estimates, February 28, 2020, Science 2 Digital Prosperity: How Broadband Can Deliver Health and Equity to All Communities, February 2020, Metropolitan Policy Program at Brookings 3 GSMA, The Mobile Economy, March 2020; Cisco Annual Internet Report; Credit Suisse, September 2020; Cowen and Company

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