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AL OUR BUSINESS | DIGITALBRIDGE | PORTFOLIO | CITIZENSHIP | APPENDIX | DIGITALBRIDGE.COM 24 SOCI Environmental Social Governance Social In the workplace and our community, we strive to provide opportunities for people to connect and thrive. We are committed to creating a positive impact for Health and Well-being our stakeholders by ensuring that the companies in Our companies prioritized employee health and which we invest have a strong process for integrating wellness during the COVID-19 pandemic, taking social considerations into their business operations. measures to protect and support employees working Social Issues remotely and those in the field. Through ongoing reporting, portfolio companies shared with us their n Diversity, Equity and Inclusion employee health, safety and wellness initiatives as n Employee Engagement well as employee adaptation to remote working. n Workplace Health and Safety, including COVID-19 Safety Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Best-in-class workplace safety practices are non- We know that diversity is a source of innovation and negotiable. All employees deserve to work in a safe creativity not only at DigitalBridge but also at our and protected atmosphere. Our companies are portfolio companies. Employees in diverse work- expected to maintain strong safety culture and moni- places are more likely to feel accepted and valued, tor performance against relevant industry standards. which reduces turnover, promotes employee well- being and increases profits. We encourage our portfolio companies to identify and include those ALS Increase the diversity of portfolio groups of people who are underrepresented in their company boards of directors as well as company’s industry and relevant geographies and to board candidates build an inclusive environment for everyone. 2021 GO Provide templates to help portfolio Employee Engagement companies accelerate implementation We encourage our companies to measure employee of DEI policies and initiatives engagement through best practices, such as net Establish regular portfolio company promoter scores, and by monitoring voluntary and reporting on core safety, employee involuntary leave rates. These practices empower engagement and DEI metrics companies to make changes that increase produc- Engage with the SEO Portfolio program tivity, bring meaning to work and reduce employee to increase the diversity of new hires at turnover. portfolio companies in 2022 Building an Impactful DEI Program We regularly deliver live, bespoke webinars designed and described how to build an to advance critical company ESG initiatives. More than impactful program at a mid-sized 90 professionals from 14 of our portfolio companies, enterprise. including senior leadership teams, participated in our Beyond this training, we are implementing quarterly “How to Build a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Program board reporting on key DEI performance metrics and at a Mid-Sized Enterprise” webinar. Women’s empow- developing a template our portfolio companies can use erment expert Aditi Mohapatra from our partner BSR to create a DEI policy suited to their business. detailed research on the most effective DEI programs

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