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AL OUR BUSINESS | DIGITALBRIDGE | PORTFOLIO | CITIZENSHIP | APPENDIX | DIGITALBRIDGE.COM 21 RONMENT Environmental Social Governance NVI E Environmental Best-in-class environmental management provides a competitive advantage across our portfolio. Our portfolio companies are expected to manage Environmental Issues their environmental performance in a way that n Biodiversity and Land Use seeks to conserve natural resources, reduce oper- n Electricity and Energy Consumption ating costs and adhere to all local regulations. We n ask them to manage their operating performance Energy Management n by reducing energy, water use, waste and carbon Greenhouse Gas Emissions n emissions. Physical Climate Risks n Renewable Energy Use Given the energy-intensive nature of some of our n investments, most notably data centers, energy use Water Consumption and climate-related issues are priority ESG issues for DigitalBridge and our portfolio companies. To de- crease our impact on the climate, we are prioritizing ALS Ensure that all portfolio companies con- the use of clean, renewable energy and reducing the duct an analysis of and measure their GHG carbon footprint of both DigitalBridge as well as our 2021 GOemissions footprint global portfolio. Under our Net Zero 2030 commit- Assist portfolio companies in developing a ment, we are expecting and equipping our portfolio Net Zero 2030 Road Map that aligns with companies to work toward this goal, described in DigitalBridge’s commitment more detail on pages 12 and 13. Establish regular portfolio company board reporting on energy consumption and GHG emissions

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