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OUR BUSINESS | DIGITALBRIDGE | PORTFOLIO | CITIZENSHIP | APPENDIX | DIGITALBRIDGE.COM 33 Protecting People and Data We are vigilant in safeguarding people’s rights and customers’ assets. Human Rights Our Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Information Officer work in partnership to monitor, assess, DigitalBridge seeks to protect and uphold human analyze and adapt our policies, processes and rights throughout our business activities. This com- procedures to comply with all applicable data priva- mitment, which encompasses equal rights for all cy and data security regulations. They are guided people, is embedded throughout our culture. by our internal cybersecurity and data governance We recognize that human rights extend to digi- policies, which cover all company information and tal rights and legal rights that allow individuals to are particularly focused on protecting the personal access, use, create and publish digital media or identifiable information of our employees and to access and use technology. Thus, we monitor stakeholders. global investor expectations for digital platforms and We provide regular employee training that illustrates telecommunications, such as those of the Ranking how to spot suspicious activity and educate our em- Digital Rights Corporate Accountability Index. We ployees on potential data privacy and security risks. share this information with our portfolio companies We have taken the following actions to meet the so that they can address key human rights issues of requirements of European Union (EU) General Data governance, freedom of expression and information, Protection Regulation and have obtained EU approv- and privacy. al of our Binding Corporate Rules. We have: We recommend that, as applicable, all of our portfo- n lio companies pursue disclosure, reporting and per- Amended our regulatory compliance policies and formance improvement in areas that address salient procedures n human rights. See page 27. Conducted data mapping exercises to locate and identify personally identifiable information with the result that we are in compliance with EU Data Data Privacy and Data Protection laws n Security Updated and posted new Privacy Policy notices both internally, externally and within our investor The customers of our portfolio companies include portal n some of the world’s largest companies that pro- Reviewed and amended third-party contracts for vide the social connectivity, online commerce and appropriate terms n telecommunications central to modern life. These Delivered training through an annual in-person or businesses depend on the facilities of our portfolio virtual meeting with attendance required for all companies to safeguard their equipment and protect employees the privacy of their data.

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